Daily Archives: 11/08/2005

Materialism vs Idealism

Started writing a loooong (and unreadable) essay about how we should try and understand politics with the help of the idealism/materialism dichotomy (in the strictest philosophical sense), rather than through the worn-out and shattered left/right glasses.

But for now: somehow things got all muddled up. Fundamentally, the left is materialistic, and the right is idealistic, not the other way round. If you accept that premise, it helps you understand everything much better, and can perhaps make you rethink your political standpoint, without the constraints of the left/right straitjacket.

Appliance: whenever confronted with a political proposal, try to figure out whether the politician believes in the basic thesis that the objective reality shapes our lives. The answer usually reveals a swarm of self-contradictions, and that behind their valuesystems, most politicians are either deeply confused or two-tongued hypocrites.

Hope to elaborate on that. Some, sunny day.